Top Tips for Container Safety

If you are planning to purchase shipping containers for the first time, know for a fact that they are considered to be the most reliable and convenient storage options available. However, the safety of usage depends on the kind of precautionary measures you take during loading and unloading. So, apart from evaluating shipping container prices before buying, it is important to check on some safety tips for hassle free usage of these containers. We look at some such measures here.

How to Use Containers Safely: Some Safety Measures to Stick to

Keep the Container Shut when not in Use – Closing the door of the container securely when it is not in use, is one of the most basic safety norms to abide by. This will prevent accidental lock-ins, which can be pretty scary. Imagine a child or a puppy being trapped inside the container without you knowing about it! Besides, keeping the door locked will also protect the goods within the container from moisture, dirt and even theft and vandalism.

Arrange the Goods Inside in a Proper Fashion – When you stack goods inside the container, make sure you place the heavier items right below. This will stabilize the centre of gravity inside and will not allow the goods to topple over. You can also create a wall like structure with boxes of similar dimension closer to the backside of the container and leave a channel down the middle. As a rule, heavier goods should be placed first, followed by the medium weight ones and then the lighter ones.

Refrain from stacking anything on top of the container. Keep the surroundings free from clutter in order to avoid untoward mishaps. The containers have enough space inside for storage. You can opt for the 40ft shipping containers for more space. 20ft containers are available too.

Use Perimeter Fencing – Using a perimeter fencing around your container could be a smart way of adding another layer of security. A fence for this purpose can be constructed using metal bars and metal mesh with barbed wire on top for making it difficult to breach. Although a perimeter fence may not stop everyone from entering but it can definitely slow down break-ins considerably. You can check with your local authorities to know about the rules and regulations of installing fences in the area.

Use an Alarm System for Valuables – In case you are using your container for storing valuables, investing in an alarm system is extremely worthy. If the container is likely to be housed in a remote destination which is away from phone lines and power supplies, a GSM alarm will be most suited. Use alarm systems that are custom made for ships. Make sure it includes all modern features, such as, motion detectors, sensors, and even closed circuit TV monitoring.

Another important norm to follow is to place these containers on level ground. You can use a concrete slab for levelling and then place the container on it for safe and smooth functioning of the doors.


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