Best Ways to Market Your Event

Most businesses that value their processes hold regular seminars, shows, exhibitions, and training-cum-conferences. Businesses that succeed with actually getting their point across, invest in marketing their events. Events help with customer engagement and in rolling out new products. The right kind of event promotion also reflects the effort an organization invests in their business.

If you rent training rooms that have all the necessary facilities, efficient marketing will help you make the most of it. If you want to know the best ways to market your event, read on.

Utilize the power of blogging

Nothing beats content, but content marketing can be even more effective. Putting up blog posts about an upcoming event helps to educate customers on why they need your product. Your content should focus on issues relating to the purpose of your event, industry specials, interviews with industry experts, and even on the venue and the classroom you rent. In fact, start blogging early and involve guest bloggers.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO can get intimidating for some businesses, but for your blog to be search engine friendly, you will have to keep optimizing it with new content. Here are a few things to remember as far as SEO goes:

Make sure you use the word ‘event’ in your title tags.
• Look for other words that the customers would be interested in. However, avoid overusing keywords.
• Keep your content organized and reader-friendly. Using images, bullet lists, internal links, and videos.

Market your speakers

When you rent a training room and hire the best speakers from the industry, it is important to promote them enough. Good speakers and chairpeople can attract crowds and boost ticket sales quickly. List the photographs, names, and credentials of your speakers clearly on the event page. You can even shoot short event-related interviews using Skype or Google Hangouts.

Leverage the reach of social media

Instead of redirecting customers to your website, while marketing an important event, this should changed. Have the links in your Facebook and Twitter bios link directly to the event page. Encourage your speakers to share images from the event page. It goes without saying that one should have a event page for Facebook as well. Engage with your followers by tagging them in images, thanking them across platforms, and responding to their queries individually.

Send out live updates

When you rent a training room, make sure it has unlimited internet connectivity, easily accessible power outlets, and projection facilities. This is because marketing an event doesn’t stop with the starting of the event.

Community managers on-site can send out live tweets, videos, and even blogs to keep the buzz going. Use short, unique hashtags and run a contest for the audience to post things while the event is going on.

Inform local media and press

Search ‘event calendars’ to find local new sites to post events. You can also look for trade associations within the industry to post and thus promote your event. Chambers of commerce often readily agree to post events if they have members in your organizing team. Locally-based journalists can also be requested to cover your event in return for a free pass or discount coupons.