When and How Often You Should Send Your Event Emails

Event marketing emails play a major role in making your event a success. You need to create them well and plan the timing and frequency of email sharing with precision as well. Right after you finalize your training room rental, you should plan and freeze the layout of your marketing mail.

Besides, if you send too many mailers, there is always the risk of frustrating your prospective guests. Too few could mean limited engagement. Therefore, getting the timing and frequency right is very important. But, how can you get the timing right? Here are some useful tips.

A regular schedule works

Having a regular send schedule always works. Sending emails at a fixed time of the day and at a fixed day of the week would be a good idea, because it helps create a pattern. When you follow a regular schedule, you are less likely to annoy the recipients with your emails. Plan the frequency of delivery as well. This will clarify how often your mails should be expected from your recipients.

Performing a frequency testing is a good idea

Setting up a frequency test for your emails is a good idea. You can attempt different frequencies, like the effectiveness of weekly versus bi weekly and so on. Measure your metrics carefully. Over a period of time, you will be able to see the frequency patterns that are performing better and stick to the same. Similarly, you can opt for an inflow and also an unsubscribe option for the readers for indicating how often they would be keen on receiving mails. Send a note to recipients and seek their preferences. This way, you will be able to adapt to their preferred schedules before they unsubscribe.

Stick to proven timings

Researchers found that the best time slots for sending emails is 6:00am, 10:30am and 4:30pm. And the seemingly worst timing is after 5pm. Also, it is important to stick to a complete life cycle when it comes to sending email invites. You need to save the date, and then send the invitation, then send the planned reminders and finally end it with a follow-up mailer. Finding a way to automate reminders is also a good idea.

Planning the number of email reminders is the key

Do you always remember to send RSVP when you receive an invite? So, do not expect your recipients to do so either. Planning about two to three reminders through the weeks that lead up to the event, is important. Recipients will eventually thank you for reminding them about the date of the approaching event. And those who have already gone through the emails will thank you for reminding them to RSVP. And one good way of converting them is to give them a deadline or a reason to react promptly like “hurry! Limited seats left.”

Planning the communication strategy for your event is almost as important as creating befitting content for it. So right when you rent a seminar room for your event, make sure you also consider choosing the best content for your mailers and devise the right strategy for reaching out to those who matter.